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Quality: our added value

Torneria Cardinali is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company.
Each year, the quality system is tested and possibly updated according to the new needs of the company.

Here are some of the control tools used by our company during the production phases

Coordinate Measuring Machines 3D CNC
400 x 400 x 300 ALPA SPIDER



  • Thanks to their particular structure, ALPA SPIDER ST coordinate measuring machines offer maximum performance even in the most extreme production environments. ALPA SPIDER ST coordinate measuring machines are built using linear motors and mechanical bearings, with non Cartesian structure. The mechanical bearing measurement system does not require compressed air supply. The small footprint and integrated temperature control allow the easy positioning and use of the ALPA SPIDER ST coordinate measuring machines in the workshop and on production lines. Precise and easy to use, it minimizes measurement times ensuring maximum efficiency. on online measurement operations.

Precision 3μm + L/250 mm
Resolution 0.5 μm
Optimal temperature 18 – 22 °C
Operating temperature 0 – 40 °C
Base Granite
Travel speed 750 mm/sec
Acceleration 1750 mm/sec^2
Air consumption None
Pressure min. None




  • The Surftest SJ-210 can be operated easily using the buttons on the front of the unit and under the sliding cover.
  • The 2.4-inch color graphic LCD provides excellent readability and an intuitive display that is easy to negotiate. The LCD also includes a backlight for improved visibility in dark environments.
  • Up to 10 measurement conditions and one measured profile can be stored in the internal memory.
  • An optional memory card can be used as an extended memory to store large quantities of measured profiles and conditions.
  • Access to each feature can be password-protected, which prevents unintended operations and allows you to protect your settings.
  • The display interface supports 16 languages, which can be freely switched.
  • An alarm warns you when the cumulative measurement distance exceeds a preset limit.
  • The Surftest SJ-210 complies with the following standards: JIS (JIS-B0601-2001, JIS-B0601-1994, JIS B0601-1982), VDA, ISO- 1997, and ANSI.
  • In addition to calculation results, the Surftest SJ-210 can display sectional calculation results and assessed profiles, load curves, and amplitude distribution curves.

Altimetro computerizzato

This Mitutoyo Electronic Height Gage includes newly developed high accuracy and high resolution ABSOLUTE linear encoder for position detection.

The QM-Height delivers a World’s Best-in-Class accuracy of +(2.4+2.1L/600)um.

Quick and easy, built-in functions measure height, inside / outside widths, inside / outside diameters, circle pitch (height components), free form surface max / min heights, and displacement by scanning measurement.

Mitutoyo’s newest innovation — the high-accuracy, high-resolution Absolute-type linear encoder — is provided on each model in the QM-Height Series for fast-and-easy position detection. Simply set the origin once, you won’t need to set again each time you power up.

The QM-Height also remembers the immediately preceding measurement (height component) and displays the difference (pitch) between the results below the measurement.

Mitutoyo’s proprietary design and software are your assurance of reliability.

Mitutoyo DP1-VR Series 264-Digimatic Mini-Processor Portable Printer
Can be combined with Mitutoyo roughness meter, altimeter, calipers and digital micrometers.

A palm-sized printer manufactured by Mitutoyo. It is used to print measurement data from the digimatic signal of digital force and torque instruments.

Performs statistical analysis and can draw a histogram or D chart in addition to more complicated operations for X-R control chart. Equipped with RS-232C output and GO/NG judgment output as standard functions.

Digital Boroscope _ High Definition


  • Wide angle chamber borescope Ø minimum entry = 10mm .
  • Inspection video creation or frame capture .

Digital Microscope

Precision optical measurements

Digital microscope provide a powerful, portable and feature rich solution for microscopic inspection at up to 900x magnification and 5 megapixel resolution. High quality imaging and optics, feature rich software and advanced hardware features set the microscope range apart from any comparable products.

As the inventor of the handheld digital USB microscope, now is the market leader and industry standard for digital handheld microscopes. Nowadays the digital microscope is an irreplaceable instrument for thousands of companies and professionals worldwide.

With over 150 different models the Dino-Lite range offers multiple connectivity options: USB, TV or VGA, as well as specialised illumination, such as ultraviolet or infrared, and numerous magnification ranges. A wide range of stands and accessories completes the product line-up and ensures that the Dino-Lite range offers solutions to meet the needs of the home user, through to the most demanding professional.

Analog hardness tester

The preliminary test force has to be applied manually, followed by applying the main load by means of the lever at the right side of the hardness tester. After unloading the dial indicates the requested hardness value directly with high accuracy and repeatability.

Precision load mechism for accurate hardness measurement
Simple test force selection by turning a wheel
Rockwell hardness value on a dial
Large working space and stable shaft for large specimen

Feature & Use:
Manual testing process, no need for electric controlling
It’s steady and reliable for testing of curved surface
Precision conforms to the Standards of GB/T 230.2, ISO 6508-2 and ASTM E18
It’s suitable to determine the Rockwell hardness of ferrous, non-ferrous metals and non-metal materials.
It can be widely applied in the Rockwell hardness testing for heat treatment materials, such as quenching, hardening and tempering, etc.

Measuring range: 20-88HRA, 20-100HRB, 20-70HRC
Test force: 588.4, 980.7, 1471N (60, 100, 150kgf)
Max. Height of test piece: 170mm
Depth of throat: 135mm
Min. Scale value: 0.5HR
Dimensions: 466 x 238 x 630mm
Weight: Approx. 65kgs

Digital and analog measuring instruments.

The instrumentation of any type is governed by the internal certification protocol which imposes calibration checks spaced over time based on the nature and use concerned.

For this purpose, only certified parallel ceramic blocks ( by Accredia Institute) are used, built in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3650 in zinc oxide ceramic alloy ZrO2.