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Tempered steel suitable for withstanding high loads, it is the material with the best mechanical strength and toughness ratio.
Steels for improved machinability: 9sMnPb28-35SMnPb10- ETG88-ETG100
Hardening steels: C40, C45, 39NiCrMo3, 34NiCrMo16, 42CrMo4,36CrMn5
Case hardening steels: 18NiCrMo5, 16NiCr4 C10E, 18NicrMO, 16NicrMO12
Surface hardening steels: C43, C48, 41crM04, ecc
Tool steels: X215CJ12KU, 90MmCr12

Stainless steels alloys: AISI 303-304-316-416-420-430F-17-4Ph ( DUPLEX ) ecc.
It is a very important class of steels used in many sectors: metallurgical, oil, petrochemical, mining, energy, nuclear, weapons and food.

È un materiale molto importante nella tecnologia grazie alle sue caratteristiche meccaniche, alla sua lavorabilità e alle leghe che ne derivano: ghisa e acciaio.

Il suo basso costo e la sua resistenza lo rendono un materiale da costruzione indispensabile, specialmente nella realizzazione di parti per macchine utensili, macchine da costruzione, elementi portanti da edifici etc.

Rolled, forged and thick tubes.

Precision Cold Drawn Steel Pipes.

Fe 330 – Fe 360 – Fe 410 – Fe 510 or equivalent.

Aluminum alloys, also called light alloys are used in structural engineering in a wide range of applications, such as for example the aviation sector, the motor sector and the railway sector, in which aluminum alloys have replaced the use of steel. in order to decrease the weight of the parts.

We are able to process all aluminum alloys, e.g.


7075 ERGAL

6060, 6082,  ANTICORODAL

2007, 2011, 2014, 2030, AVIONAL.

In addition, we process components in recovery from castings, castings or molded – die-cast.

Brass in all alloys: OT58, OT60, CW614N, CW617N, CW724R (Ecosi) CW602N, CW508L, etc. Tubes and profiles in brass, also annealed. Moulded matter and other types .

Copper is a red metal with high electrical and thermal conductivity; it is corrosion resistant and not magnetic.
In the field of turning, it is not easy to work, as it is extremely ductile and malleable.
There are many combinations with other metals to form numerous metal alloys: we remember the most common bronze, brass, cupronickel and cuprallumini (also called aluminum bronzes).
By its characteristics, copper is widespread in the sanitary, nautical, electrotechnical, mechanical, architectural and many other sectors.

Bronze is an alloy used for numerous applications, such as for the manufacture of gears and transmission parts, bearings, bushings, gear wheels, hydraulic appliances, i.e. all those parts stressed at high pressures and for parts stressed by friction under strong pressure, such as bearings.

Bronze in contact with other metals has a very low friction which makes it useful in small electric motors for ball bearings, bushings and brushes.


Type of bronze
Bronzes for semi-finished products CuSn4
Switch springs, connectors, chemical applications
CuSn4Pb4Zn4 Sleeve bearings, valve parts, gears
CuSn3Zn9 Electric applications
Bronzes for castings CuSn10
Gears, bushings, bearings
CuSn11Pb2 Bearings, bushings, pump impellers
CuSn12 Bearings and bushings
CuSn12Ni2 Gears
CuSn5Zn5Pb5 Valves, fittings, flanges, pumps

Many plastics such as nylon, teflon, pvc, derlin, Peek, Vulcan, Hostafon lend themselves well to industrial production processes with machine tools such as metal materials.

Through mechanical processing of semi-finished plastic materials (bars, profiles, slabs) we manufacture finished products such as bushings, rollers, rings, pins, wheels, components for weapons, food and chemical machines.