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Torneria Automatica Cardinali Aldino & C.

For almost thirty years in the sector of precision mechanics, our company offers itself with precision machining both from bar and therefore automatically, and in reworking from raw or semi-finished products.

We have 15 automatic lathes for traditional processes from Ø3 up to Ø60mm and the numerical control department (10 machines all multi-axes, up to 3 turrets) goes up to Ø90mm as a bar bore; while in secondary turned, always CNC, we stand at Ø450 X 1.000 as rotation capacity. Some machines are also able to perform toothing (gears) without the need for subsequent processing.

We are equipped for large production volumes, greater than 50,000pcs, with multi-spindle lathes for bars max Ø25mm, even if our field of choice is small / medium quantities.

We also have milling machines / vertical work centers always with numerical control and as tooling there is no shortage of traditional cutters and drills / threading machines to complete even the most basic processes without losing sight of the production cycle, avoiding entrusting the completion of the same to third parties. We have equipped ourselves with two powerful (10ton) thread rolling machines for metric or whitworth threads, eventually folded with a press brake.

We are also equipped for the processing of brass and FE and INOX pipes and through qualified external collaborators, we manage welded assemblies with both Tig / Mig and classic oxyacetylene techniques.

From some years we have equipped ourselves, to meet the design needs of customers, with a fast prototyping service, supported by a powerful CAD-CAM program. We accompany the development of an article or assembly from concept to delivery ready for assembly.

We also complete cycles with surface treatments such as polishing and galvanic baths (zinc-plating-nickel plating-dacromet-etc …), assembly and packaging.

Our company works all the turning materials, from synthetic resins, resistant to acids, brass and aluminum passing through alloy and stainless steels up to modern alloys for heat resistant molds.